Hey there, I’m Alisa!

And yes, that’s my real Thai name! Alisa happens to be a Thai name but pronounced a bit differently than in English 🙂

I’m a business consultant who wants to bridge the gap
between Thailand and the rest of the world.

I established Hope BKK Co., Ltd. and the brand Thailand vs. Globe when I realized that although Thailand has a lot of potential and abundant resources, most foreigners continue to find Thailand a mystery and quite frustrating to work with. And I want our company to bring revolutionary change to that.

I want to demystify Thailand for you

In 2010, a group of my MBA classmates at the University of Maryland and I participated in real-life business consulting projects in Bangkok. We worked on solving business problems for small-medium size businesses.

I realized then that westerners (my professors and classmates alike) could be quite insecure when it came to dealing with foreign markets, especially Asian markets. I want to demystify that for them by helping them to work with businesses in Thailand and travel to Thailand with ease.

My experience

You might wonder what I did before I founded Hope BKK Co., Ltd. and the brand Thailand vs. Globe. I worked in Finance at Toyota after graduating with a bachelor of Financial and International Economics from Chulalongkorn University. I then got curious about marketing research while working with the marketing team, and decided to pursue an MBA in the US, focusing on marketing research.

During my time in the US, I worked part-time as a business consultant at Maryland Small Business Development Center and as a marketing researcher at the American Society of Travel Agents.

I then got back to Thailand and worked as a marketing researcher for AC Nielsen, Kimberly Clark, Ipsos, and Philip Morris.

You can trust me

I had worked for many multinational companies and you can count on my professionalism and accountability. I have strong attention to detail that sometimes I don’t even think it’s healthy! But it sure does benefit my clients!

English might not be my mother tongue, but I had an exceptionally high TOEFL and GMAT score to prove that it is good enough to carry on any essential task you might have for me 🙂 And I can assure you that my team and I will deliver the most valuable information and service with profound local insights.

Our team is relatively small, which means you will receive tailored advice and support from us.

Let’s Connect

The best way to stay connected is through our Thailand vs. Globe‘s free email newsletter. It offers a free weekly dose of local tips, insights, and links to our latest blog posts and Youtube videos.

But if you want to contact me directly, please feel free to email me at alisa@thailandvsglobe.com. I’d love to hear from you!