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Best Products From Thailand. What Should You Import From Thailand For Profit?

If you are looking for an alternative to sourcing from China, Thailand is a great choice for any entrepreneur. If you want to know what are the best products from Thailand to import for your profitable business. Read on!

Thailand has a high potential for export. I’m speaking from my direct experience of owning a couple of e-commerce stores. I used to source products from both China and Thailand. So, let me first convince you why Thailand is a wonderful alternative to sourcing from China or other countries. Then, I’m going to share with you my opinion of products I think are best to be imported from Thailand.

Note: If you already know what to import, but need more information on how to do so effectively, click here for an ultimate guide to sourcing from Thailand.

Best Products to Import From Thailand. What Should You Import From Thailand For Profit?

Why Thailand is a Great Alternative to Sourcing From China?

If you find the right product and supplier, sourcing from Thailand can be relatively cheaper from China. The Thai economy is export-dependent. And do you know which country Thailand export to the most? Number one is the United States, followed by China.

This means there are some products that even China still has to import from Thailand. For example, rubber products like gloves. Thailand is one of the top suppliers of natural rubber. The quality and price will be more competitive sourcing from Thailand.

Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder, this might be only my preference. But I think products look pretty much identical on Alibaba. Finding products from China is quite daunting. I used to import apparel from China, and their products all looked similar in design and texture. If you want to find a unique piece of item that makes your store stand out from the crowd, trust me, Thailand will be heaven-sent for your shop.

Here are the top 5 products to import from Thailand

1 Garment, Clothing, and Accessories: You probably have heard about Thai silk and its unique beauty. Thai silk is world-renowned. Do you know that Thailand can also produce other garments and clothing with high quality at a relatively cheaper price? If you have been to JJ Sunday Market, or Platinum Mall (air-con wholesale apparel market), you will know that the opportunity is endless. Products are unique with competitive prices.

And many have done so successfully – check out an American Youtuber’s success story here. Also, jewelry and gemstone are Thailand’s top 3 export categories. If you are looking for importing jewelry products, you will want to explore sourcing from Thailand as well.

More importantly, Thailand is one of not many countries in the world that can supply a complete textile industry chain. From fiber production to fabric and textiles, all the way to design, production, and sale of apparel, home, and technical textiles. So, if you are looking for either apparel for your shop or a special piece of fabric, especially silk and cotton, try searching from Thailand first. You won’t be disappointed.

2 Food & Fruit: Agriculture in Thailand is specialized and highly competitive in the global market. Rice is Thailand’s most important crop to export. We are the biggest rice exporter. I think Thai Jasmine Rice has the best taste and most wonderful texture above all the rice. Well, I might be biased since I have consumed it since I was born!

Because its natural resources and climate, there are a wide variety of crops that are grown successfully in Thailand. Apart from rice, other crops worth importing are rubber, tropical fruits (think fresh Coconut juice!), sugar cane, nuts, and corn to name a few.

Just like garment and clothing, Thailand can offer a complete food industry chain from downstream to upstream. That means either raw ingredients and processed food and fruits is great.

Based on my recent experience working with food suppliers in Thailand, there are quite many of them now that can offer you R&D of your new business idea. The younger generation of the businesses has improved their offer nicely. Some offer from raw material, R&D, bottling to marketing!

What product to import from Thailand? Thailand has been one of the largest producers and exporter of natural rubber.
You can see so many rubber trees when traveling to the south of Thailand.

3 Rubber products: For the longest time, Thailand has been one of the largest producers and exporter of natural rubber. Just like clothing or food, Thailand can offer a complete rubber industry chain. You can either import the natural rubber or process it first here in Thailand. Thailand remains to be the top R&D center for the rubber industry. So, if you are thinking of importing rubber either in the most basic form like rubber sheets or rubber gloves, Thailand is a key source for you to explore.

What product to import from Thailand - Thailand is well-known for its handicraft products.
Thailand is well-known for its handicraft products.

4 Handicraft products: If you have been to any popular markets in Thailand, you might have seen a myriad of beautiful handicrafts. Thailand is one of not many countries in the world now that you can still find a wide range of handmade products.

If you are looking for some rare items for your unique shop, I guarantee you that you can find them in Thailand. It won’t look anything like a product you find on Alibaba! Top products that foreigners appreciate are cushions, pottery products, silverware, lacquerware, and wooden carvings.

5 Other electronic devices and car OEMs: These two product categories are actually the top two categories of export categories from Thailand. So if you have a high budget for investment, these two might also be a good category to source from Thailand.

Now, I know what I want, what to do next?

It will be more difficult to work with small businesses without knowing Thai, but you will gain cost competitiveness along with the uniqueness of the product that should be highly different from the big mass manufacturers. Here are some of the posts I have written to help you overcome your initial product search and sourcing phases.

Are you interested in sourcing these from Thailand? What is your key concern? Or if you have any other questions or topics you would like me to cover, do feel free to leave them in the comment below. If you need to start working with Thai suppliers and businesses right away, please feel free to contact us.

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