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A Local’s Guide to the Must-Try Phuket Restaurants in Phuket Town

Welcome to the culinary haven of Phuket Town, where the vibrant tapestry of flavors beckons you to explore its hidden gems. In a town where every corner seems to unveil a new culinary delight, navigating through the myriad of Phuket restaurant choices can be a daunting task. Fear not, fellow food enthusiasts, for we’ve embarked on a gastronomic journey to bring you the quintessential local perspective on the Phuket restaurants you simply can’t afford to miss.

Phuket Town is not only a melting pot of cultures but also a culinary melting pot, where traditional Thai delicacies coalesce with global influences to create a dining experience like no other. The Phuket restaurant scene here is alive and thriving, with new establishments popping up faster than you can say “Tom Yum Kung.” In this culinary landscape, we’ve set out to discover the pulse of the local food culture, uncovering the establishments that have become the heartbeat of Phuket Town.


What Sets Phuket's Restaurants Apart?

As Phuket is situated in southern Thailand, it’s common to observe a culinary influence from Malaysia and Singapore, a trait shared by many provinces in the southern part of the country. Take, for instance, Roti with curry; its appearance may closely resemble dishes found in Malaysia. However, rest assured, the flavors are distinctly Thai and renowned for their exceptional taste in Phuket restaurant. Despite the visual similarities to the Malaysian menu, I highly recommend trying these dishes as Thai cuisine is celebrated for its deliciousness.

Our Criteria for Curating the List of Phuket restaurant

As locals, we understand that our go-to dining spots may differ significantly from those recommended to tourists. There’s an unspoken understanding among us that the true essence of a place is often found where the locals gather, where the flavors are authentic, and where the atmosphere is genuine. Much like any traveler, we’ve had our fair share of adventures abroad, and we can’t help but reminisce about the time we explored Japan.

Picture this: a restaurant brimming with foreigners, with no locals in sight. It’s a scenario that raises an eyebrow for us. Call it skepticism or call it a well-honed sense of discernment, but we believe that the best dining experiences happen where locals dine. If a place has become an international sensation solely through social media, we can’t help but question whether it’s the real deal or just a trend.

So, in the spirit of authenticity and local insights, join us as we unveil the Phuket Town dining scene through our eyes. We’ll guide you through the narrow alleyways and bustling streets to discover the restaurants that have earned a special place in the hearts and palates of the locals. Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with dishes that encapsulate the soul of Phuket, one bite at a time. Because in this town, the best meals in Phuket restaurant are often found where the locals linger and the flavors tell a story that transcends borders.

Essential Tips for Dining in Phuket Restaurants

Phuket, nestled in the southern part of Thailand, beckons food enthusiasts with its rich tapestry of Southern Food, renowned for its explosively flavorful dishes. For avid fans of Thai cuisine, the term “flavorful” takes on a whole new meaning, encompassing a delightful medley of tastes within a single dish, and yes, that often includes a generous dose of spiciness. Among the various regions of Thailand, Southern Food is celebrated for its bold and fiery flavors, making it one of the spiciest culinary experiences. As you embark on a culinary journey through Phuket restaurants, it’s prudent to communicate your spice preferences and tolerance levels to ensure your dining experience is as enjoyable as it is authentic.

A Local's Guide to the Must-Try Restaurants in Phuket Town

Phuket Street Food: Unmissable Phuket Restaurants Delights

Step into the vibrant tapestry of Phuket Town’s street food scene, where every corner tells a story through the aromatic dance of flavors. We firmly believe that street food is not just a meal but the beating heart of Thai cuisine, offering a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary. The streets come alive with the sizzle of woks, the fragrance of spices, and the unmistakable energy of communal dining.

We understand that for those exploring the realm of Thai street food, concerns about hygiene and potential food poisoning may linger. However, fear not, for we’ve carefully curated a list of street food havens that we confidently recommend. Whether it’s based on our own culinary escapades (bearing in mind our sensitive stomachs by local standards) or the assurance that these stalls provide freshly cooked delights amid high foot traffic, rest assured that these street food gems are not only delicious but also safe for your gastronomic adventure.

Curious about how the locals navigate the delicate balance between indulgence and avoiding food poisoning? We’ve penned down some insights that might just ease your worries—check it out here. So, lace up your culinary curiosity and join us as we unravel the flavors of Phuket Town’s street food, where every bite is a celebration of tradition and a testament to the vibrant spirit of Thai culinary culture.

You can tell from the crowds that flock there almost every night. The must-try dish is their hearty dry boiled rice topped with crispy garlic, pork floss, and served with fragrant pork bone broth. They offer a variety of toppings to satisfy your cravings, such as crispy pork, minced pork, pork bones, and all the fixings. Plus, you can choose from different bowl sizes to match your hunger level. 

One word of caution: I used to wait in line with my friends for over half an hour, but this Phuket restaurant will be worth your time.

If you’ve ever tried Indian roti, you absolutely can’t miss Thai Roti. It’s a unique treat with delicious Thai flavors. You won’t be disappointed.

This renowned roti shop is a must-visit for both locals and tourists seeking culinary delights. The shop is always bustling. This Phuket restaurant is famous for its Roti Nam Kang (which means Roti bread that is served with curries), where you can order a portion of roti along with fried eggs or roti with eggs and a variety of curries. Whether you fancy beef Massaman curry, chicken Massaman curry, or chicken curry, these delightful rotis are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, creating a perfect harmony with the rich, flavorful curries.This breakfast dish is a definite must-try. However, the restaurant serves it all day long, so I often enjoy it for both lunch and dinner, especially since I typically have breakfast at the hotel. Therefore, if you find yourself craving a hearty and delightful meal later in the day, it’s not a problem.

Dim Sum is another beloved cuisine in southern Thailand, adapted from Chinese Dim Sum but given a delicious Thai twist, especially with the Thai-style sauce. For early birds, this place is a must-visit. Their Dim Sum selection is extensive, both steamed and fried, and it’s an absolute delight. They use high-quality ingredients, and you can taste the freshness. Besides Dim Sum, they also offer other dishes like Bak Kut Teh, noodles, and a variety of hot and iced beverages, including coffee and tea for that extra kick. This Phuket restaurant is spacious, accommodating a large number of customers, and they even provide parking. If you prefer a quieter experience, it’s recommended to go in the early morning.

Phuket Street Food: Unmissable Restaurants Delights

Khanom Jeen is another dish originating from the south of Thailand, and one of my favorites because it’s incredibly tasty and comes with a variety of curries, served with plenty of raw vegetables. Khanom chin consists of fresh, thin rice noodles made from rice that’s sometimes fermented for three days, then boiled and extruded into noodles by passing the dough through a sieve into boiling water.

These rice noodles are served with a variety of curries or soups, including coconut milk, fish curry, and chili. Most of these dishes are quite spicy and incredibly flavorful. I’ll be straightforward with you about Kanom Jeen—it’s potentially one of those dishes that could lead to a stomach ache (for those with sensitive stomachs). The culprit is the Kanom Jeen noodles, which have a tendency to spoil rapidly, along with the raw vegetables that are not washed properly. To steer clear of any issues, opt for a shop with a quick turnaround (like this one we’re recommending), indicating a high customer volume.

This Phuket restaurant is an old establishment located near the Stone Bridge roundabout in Phuket. It’s easy to find, and inside, it’s spacious, well-lit, and comfortable with a variety of seating options. They also provide parking. Besides their delicious offerings, they stand out for their diversity. They offer a wide range of curry choices, including chili sauce, fish sauce, fish curry, crab curry, green curry, beef curry, and jungle curry (think red curry without coconut milk and more herbs). If you can’t decide, you can even mix and match.

In addition to the curries, they also serve dishes like haw mok (steamed fish curry custard), fried chicken, and fried fish cakes. They also include a variety of side vegetables to complement the meal, all served in generous portions. You’ll definitely leave with a full belly!

Phuket Street Food: Unmissable Restaurants Delights

The ambiance amidst the mangrove forest is truly special. Over the years, they’ve expanded their menu quite a bit. 

The food doesn’t take long to arrive, and they serve fruits while you wait. With its unique menu and rich flavors, this place never fails to impress. The dishes here are full of character and pack a spicy punch. If you’ve tasted it once, you’ll be hooked for sure.

The menu features a variety of local dishes with bold flavors. They also offer some unique dishes that you can only find here. Some must-try dishes include stuffed squid, salt-crusted pork, lemongrass-fried shrimp, sour orange curry with fish (Sour soup made of Tamarind Paste), sautéed stink beans with shrimp (I love this dish!), and chili paste with pickled fish. All of them are delicious. 

The interior of this Phuket restaurant has a rustic charm, with seating in traditional pavilions. You can enjoy views of the mangrove forest and the pond while you dine. If you’re looking to explore unique and flavorsome local cuisine, this place is a must-visit.

Savoring Elegance: Fine-Dining Phuket Restaurant Gems in the Heart of Phuket Town

In the realm of Phuket restaurant dining, it’s important to note that the culinary landscape extends beyond just street food. Like any bustling tourist destination, Phuket boasts a plethora of fine-dining options that are bound to elevate your gastronomic experience. Our carefully curated recommendations, outlined below, are centered on delivering the genuine, authentic flavors of Thai cuisine to your table. These Phuket restaurants showcase a commitment to culinary excellence, ensuring that every bite is a journey into the heart of Thailand’s rich and diverse culinary heritage. So, whether you’re strolling through the vibrant streets or seeking a more refined dining setting, these establishments promise an unforgettable encounter with the essence of Thai taste.

Southern Thai cuisine is renowned for its bold and flavorful dishes, offering the most intense tastes in all of Thailand. When you find yourself in Phuket, located in the southern region of Thailand, trying some Southern Thai food is an absolute must. This restaurant, Raya, happens to be one of my favorites, and they even have a branch in Bangkok. Both locations serve up incredibly delicious dishes.

Situated in a charming old-style Sino-Portuguese house in the heart of historic Phuket Town, Raya provides a comfortable ambiance paired with authentic, time-honored local cuisine. Whether you opt for their rich and hearty crab curry with wild betel leaves, featuring thick, flavorful curry and tender crab meat, or their succulent and well-marinated Southern Styled Pork Stew, you’re in for a real treat. Don’t forget to sample their shrimp paste chili sauce, bursting with robust flavors. With a diverse menu offering numerous delights, a trip to Phuket wouldn’t be complete without dining at Raya, Phuket restaurant.

Savoring Elegance: Fine-Dining Gems in the Heart of Phuket Town​

Much like Raya Restaurant, Tu Kab Khao is another eatery in Phuket that serves up authentic local flavors, true to the original tastes of Phuket. You’ll find a variety of classic dishes here that are absolutely delightful. Whether you’re craving shrimp spring rolls, Southern Styled Pork Stew, with fresh shrimp paste chili sauce, salted turnip omelets, chicken stewed with turmeric, or vermicelli and crab meat red curry, this place has it all.

The interior ambiance of this Phuket restaurant is a blend of Penang (Malaysia) architecture and Phuket town vibes, providing a relaxed setting to savor your scrumptious meal. And as an added bonus, they feature live music during the evenings, making it a great spot to chill and enjoy both excellent food and live tunes.

You might notice that all these Phuket restaurants specialize in serving Southern Thai cuisine, offering a delightful array of dishes unique to this region. This restaurant boasts a vintage-inspired interior design that blends seamlessly with the historic Old Town atmosphere. They’ve adorned the place with rare collectibles, adding to its charm.

As for the menu, it features a variety of traditional dishes, such as juicy roast pork, succulent three-layer pork in a sweet and savory sauce infused with aromatic spices. There are also delectable options like crab curry with betel leaves, stir-fried gnetum leaves with shrimp, spicy shrimp paste, and crispy crab omelets. Each dish is incredibly delicious, making it a must-visit for those exploring the Old Town and seeking some mouthwatering cuisine.

Laem Hin Seafood is a seafood restaurant that’s all about the view, ambiance, excellent service, and delicious food.  The food is delicious, and if you manage to snag a table on the balcony, you’ll be dining right by the water. They serve incredibly large and fresh blue crabs that are incredibly succulent. Their spicy dipping sauce is excellent. 

This Phuket restaurant is Instagram-worthy with its trendy design. It’s a fusion of local cuisine set amidst the lush greenery of nature. The decor follows a tropical style that blends seamlessly with the surrounding nature. The restaurant features a thatched roof and various seating areas.

When it comes to the menu, they serve a mix of traditional local dishes and fusion cuisine. You’ll also find a selection of light snacks and beverages. Whether you’re looking for a hearty feast or a light meal while enjoying the natural scenery, this place has you covered.

Sweet Escapes: Indulging in Irresistible Desserts Across Phuket Town

During the hot season in Thailand, shaved ice desserts like “O Aew” can be your best friend. However, I should mention that for Westerners with sensitive stomachs, some caution might be needed. But as I always say, choosing a place with high customer traffic is a good way to ensure that their food is fresh and safe. That’s why customers keep coming back to places like this.

“O Aew” is a local dessert from Phuket, made from the seeds of the O Aew fruit soaked in water. The mucilage from the O Aew fruit is mixed with mucilage from banana blossom to create a jelly-like texture. It’s then served with simple syrup and crushed ice, making it a sweet and refreshing treat for the hot weather.

In Phuket, you’ll find many shops selling O Aew, but one of the best is Baan Ko Roj. They make O Aew that’s absolutely delicious and worth trying. It’s sweet, fragrant, and incredibly satisfying. You might find that one bowl isn’t enough. The price is quite reasonable, just 20 Baht (USD 0.54)per bowl, and if you want to add extra toppings like sweet potato, it’s only an additional 5 Baht (USD 0.14). It’s definitely cheap for such a tasty dessert.

Khanom Buang, also known as crispy pancakes in English, is an ancient Thai snack that’s popular as street food throughout Thailand, not just in Phuket. These pancakes are traditionally filled with soft meringue and topped with sweet or salty ingredients like shredded coconut.

While you can find Khanom Buang vendors on three-wheeled carts by the roadside, I particularly recommend a shop that’s situated next to the Kra Puk Ya (กระปุกยา) shop. The locals in the area are well-acquainted with it, and you can often see a long queue of customers waiting patiently.

What makes this shop special is that they sell the traditional version of Khanom Buang, which means they don’t use soft meringue. However, this doesn’t make them any less tasty. The pancakes here are handcrafted by an elderly lady who’s known as “Yai” (grandmother). She makes various types of pancakes, including those with sweet fillings, shrimp fillings, and golden egg yolks.

But my personal favorite has to be the ones with corn and young coconut fillings. The dough is incredibly soft, and every bite is a delight. Yai’s husband, who is also there to assist, mentioned that everything is made by themselves, especially the golden egg yolk filling, which is more challenging than the others.

It’s a bit of a shame that if this generation of Yai and her husband retires, there may not be anyone to continue their tradition, as their children have all moved on to other careers. If you’re looking for delicious Khanom Buang with a traditional touch, this is a must-visit spot. The taste is truly superb and unforgettable.

Indulging in Irresistible Desserts Across Phuket Town​

You might have to wait in line for a bit at this place. I used to wait for about 10 to 15 minutes with my sisters, but it was a pleasant wait. It’s a street cart shop tucked away in an alley, and finding parking nearby can be a bit tricky, but it’s definitely worth it.

The lady who runs the shop is incredibly fast. Even when there’s a long line of orders, she works super efficiently.

As for the taste, it seems like they mix coconut milk and sugar into the batter, giving it a sweet and fragrant flavor. They cook it over high heat, which makes it cook quickly and gives it a distinct aroma of coconut milk. I highly recommend eating it while it’s hot; it’s most delicious that way. If it cools down, it won’t have the same fragrance, and the edges won’t be as crispy. Enjoy!

You’ll have the opportunity to savor ice cream featuring distinctive flavors crafted from local Thai ingredients when you visit this place. Additionally, they offer O Aew, a delightful local treat. If you’re concerned about having shaved ice from street vendors due to a sensitive stomach, trying O Aew from this shop is a great alternative.

This famous ice cream shop in the old town area of Phuket allows you to make reservations through the QQue app. While you’re waiting, you can stroll around and take some pictures. It’s usually quite busy around lunchtime, with about 10 people in line.

This Phuket restaurant itself isn’t very large, but it’s beautifully decorated in a classic vintage style that captures the old-world charm of Phuket. What I really love about it is their “Bi co moi,” which is black sticky rice drizzled with coconut cream and served with pandan ice cream. I’ve never tasted black sticky rice this delicious anywhere else. It’s an experience that feels more like fine dining than street food, mainly due to the beautiful shop design, unique flavors created from local ingredients. If you’re in Phuket, this is a must-try!

Summary Phuket Restaurants: A Local's Guide to Phuket's Flavorful Tapestry

As we bid you adieu from this culinary journey through the vibrant streets and hidden gems of Phuket Town, we hope you’ve savored the essence of our local perspective on the Phuket restaurants that define this culinary haven. Phuket, situated in the southern part of Thailand, offers a gastronomic adventure that transcends borders, weaving together flavors from Southern Thai cuisine, infused with influences from Malaysia and beyond.

Navigating the bustling streets of Phuket Town, we’ve introduced you to street food delights, fine-dining experiences, and tantalizing desserts that have left an indelible mark on our taste buds. From the must-try Go Benz Rice Porridge to the authentic flavors of Raya Restaurant, Tu Kab Khao, and the delightful crispy pancakes at Kamom Beuang Boraan Taa GA yaai, each establishment tells a story of tradition, passion, and culinary excellence.

As you embark on your own exploration of Phuket’s culinary landscape, keep in mind the valuable tips we’ve shared. Whether you’re indulging in street food or savoring a fine-dining experience from Phuket restaurants, communicating your spice preferences in the land of bold Southern flavors is key. And when it comes to dessert, trust the queues and choose places with high customer traffic for a sweet and safe experience.

We’ve uncovered the heartbeat of Phuket Town’s culinary spirit, guiding you through alleyways, bustling streets, and establishments that have become local treasures. So, as you delve into the diverse offerings of Phuket’s restaurants, may each bite tell a story, and may your culinary adventure be as authentic and vibrant as the flavors of this beautiful town. Until we meet again in the world of flavors, happy dining

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